Go coach to offer self hire

24 April 2015
Go Coach managing director

Self hire vehicles soon to come

Go coach is the premier coach hire provider in the UK. We've built this reputation by providing one of the best coach hire services the UK has to offer. During our years we've always provided our vehicles with a driver. But as a result of high demand we are now considering hiring some of our Minibuses on a self hire basis. This means that our customers will soon be able to hire one of our minibuses drive by themselves.

Self hire vehicles are ideal for groups wanting to hire a bus to travel as and when they choose. Self hire will also benefit groups who need a vehicle over a number of days. Customers will have a fleet of vehicles to choose from such as our Ford transits or our luxury Mercedes Benz.  These buses will be able to cater for groups of 6 - 19 people.

Booking a self hire vehicle will have a simple booking process. Either online or over the phone. we will also have a home delivery service for certain areas in the country. If you are in need of a self hire vehicle before this date then feel free to call our customer service team on 07854768709 for more information.