Airport transfers at Go coach
24 April 2015
Darren mcdonald

Go Airport transfers

One of our specialties here at Go coach is our Airport transfer service that we operate across the whole country. Every year we bring thousands of passengers to and from Airports here in the UK. Many UK airports are large in size and very busy so problems may occur from time to time. However we have years of experience dealing the typical inconveniences that happen, and we try our best to be patient as we can and to offer our assistance so to make the trip for our customers as stress free as possible.

Our aim is simply to make the experience as pleasurable as possible for everyone that uses the Go coach service. This is why we include additional gestures like our renowned meet and greet service with all our transfers. With our meet and greet service our driver will recieve the group by waiting in the airport foyer area with our company details in hand for the group to see, this makes it just a bit easier to be located in such a busy place. Once contact has been made our driver will escort the party back to the minibus or coach and begin the journey. 

We also attempt try to make the journey as swift as possible. This comes easy as we use the most proffessional drivers in town. Many of these drivers have been taking airport trips 2 or 3 times a week so they know the routine and the motorways very well.

We understand that timing is everything when it comes to airports, especially outbound flights. So as a strict rule we advice our drivers to reach all pickup locations at least 30 minutes in advance. We also advice the same on all inbounds flights. 

We would like to thank everyone who traveled with us this year.

From the team  

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Go coach to offer self hire
24 April 2015
Go Coach managing director

Self hire vehicles soon to come

Go coach is the premier coach hire provider in the UK. We've built this reputation by providing one of the best coach hire services the UK has to offer. During our years we've always provided our vehicles with a driver. But as a result of high demand we are now considering hiring some of our Minibuses on a self hire basis. This means that our customers will soon be able to hire one of our minibuses drive by themselves.

Self hire vehicles are ideal for groups wanting to hire a bus to travel as and when they choose. Self hire will also benefit groups who need a vehicle over a number of days. Customers will have a fleet of vehicles to choose from such as our Ford transits or our luxury Mercedes Benz.  These buses will be able to cater for groups of 6 - 19 people.

Booking a self hire vehicle will have a simple booking process. Either online or over the phone. we will also have a home delivery service for certain areas in the country. If you are in need of a self hire vehicle before this date then feel free to call our customer service team on 07854768709 for more information.

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Go UK tours
6 September 2013
Sarah williams

Go UK tours

We have a great tour service to offer right across the country. We're pleased to host this service simply because we know that the country host a wealth of interesting locations and our minibus hire transport is a great way to capture it all.

We frequently tour some of the most historical landmarks around the country. This service covers North, East, South and West leaving no part of the country unseen. Some of the location we have visited include areas such as Stone Henge in the south east. This is a popular destination for many people as its mysterious origins have been shrouded in mythical theory for centuries and till this day remains a beautiful and captivating site to see.

We can also travel to destinations like the Royal Albert Hall for groups that'll rather see historical artifacts indoors. This museum will make for a nice day out with the kids or some friends. The botanical gardens in Hampton court will also make a good motive for a nice summers day out with the family or even an educational group.

Prices for our tour coaches are based on the areas that are traveled to. But we try to make our rates as competitive and affordable as possible for every customer. We welcome groups from all walks of life to try the Go Coach Minibus hire service if in need of a UK tour. We can offer an in depth sight seeing service that many other forms of transport would not be able to achieve. As always, customers will be chauffeured by our drivers who will take time to allow the group explore until theirs hearts are content.  

 Whatever ideas you may have get in contact with the team on 07854768709 and we'll be pleased to help.



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